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From Our Customers

Nicole -
WOW! Is all I hear from Family and friends as they enjoy an evening in our backyard mosquito free! It’s incredible how well this works! Since we’ve started our service in April I have not gotten a mosquito bite, but when I go to a friends home I get eaten alive. I met Sean today who does our spraying and he was so wonderful! He even mentioned that if we start to notice they are coming back or in a certain area to give him a call and he will be back to spray again! This service would make a great gift for yourself, family, or even friends!

Amy -
No-Squito is a great service! Especially with all the wet, damp weather. It’s nice to know your yard is covered and the kids can play without having to worry about the bugs. Thank you!!!

Justin -
What an awesome service, saving our summer! These guys are true pros, listened to our concerns, answered our questions, and walked us through the process, this stuff works! If you miss being outside call these guys, you’ll be glad you did

Jim -
Thanks No-Squito. We had an invasion of midge bugs and mosquitoes and within an hour of the first application we got our backyard back. You guys are awesome

Molly -
Everyone needs this!! It is amazing! Amazing results! Great customer service! Will definitely recommend to everyone a++++

Keith -
Excellent product and customer service! Can definitely see a large reduction in mosquitos in our yard!

Dan -
The fact that it is effective against ticks with all these deer sold me! Thanks No-Squito!

Kyle -
Wanted to give a quick shout out to No-Squito. We’ve been using them for a few weeks now and are very happy to be enjoying our mosquito-free yard this year. Best part is they are a local, family owned and operated company. I recommend checking them out.

Josh -
What a great company. Very professional and our property is free of flying pests

Josh -
Very professional. They were in and out without leaving a trace and we haven't had a flying pest since!